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1. Annuity Needs: Your clients can now enjoy market gains without market risk. Many of these clients will have some sort of nest egg (CD, Money Market, IRA, 401K, etc.) that needs to be rolled over or transferred into a better performing and more secure retirement program.

2. Long Term Care: With California being a “spend down” state you will be able to assist these pre-set client appointments in protecting their assets in the event that they ever need the invaluable services of a comprehensive Long Term Care policy. A reverse mortgage is often used to fund a Long Term Care policy.

3. Final Expense: Protect their loved ones from the financial burden of their burial, funeral services. Also used to help offset other expenses such as medical bills and help pay the mortgage until refinanced by the beneficiary (you will be there to assist).

4. Term and Universal/IUL Life Insurance: Being able to offer the most competitive rates for term and universal life products will be an essential part of your success. Or set up a Single Premium Equity Indexed Universal Life (SPEIUL) policy to immediately and dramatically increase their estate.

5. Critical Illness: People often survive today’s critical illnesses because of advanced treatments, technologies and medication that were not available in past generations. That’s good news! Unfortunately, there is bad news as well. Finances are critically affected when one suffers a critical illness, and because they survive their finances do not, often leaving them in financial restraints. A critical Illness policy will pay a cash lump sum benefit when a qualified critical illness occurs.

6. First Diagnosis Cancer

7. Impaired Risk: Because most of these clients are seniors health can sometimes be an obstacle in getting them the insurance that they desire to create a legacy for their family. You will have the ability to provide some level of insurance coverage for them regardless of their health situation.

8. Mortgage Refinance (Coming Soon): Assist your clients to consolidate their debts and lower their monthly outflow of cash by lowering their overall payments. Debt and Equity management is one of the most important services that you’ll be able to accomplish for these clients. Or show them the “advantages” of a Reverse Mortgage Loan to further create a dynamic positive cash flow every month.

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